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CUSTOMER : Self-produced

“In The Mirror Of” is a series of portraits highlighting passionate and singular contemporary visual artists from Belgium.
This video was made in collaboration with Studio Exposed.
Naomi Gilon (1996), versatile within sculpture, painting & photography, focusses on the manipulation of her subjects. Where the original function of the frame strips entirely, a new ostentatious one emerges.
With materials such as imitation leather, fur, car hood, motorcycle tanks, plaster and concrete Gilon continuously reinvents her subjects into an imaginary space. This process is resulting in an environment where the viewer can create its own reality, surrounded by distinct but recognizable forms.
Portrait : Naomi Gilon

Camera & editing : David Baatzsch

Interview : Junior Bokélé
Sound recording : Valentin Coopens

Mixing : Antoine Pulinckx

Sound Design : Node Room

Artist management : Mauranne Geenen

Onziememois is a visual artist using photography and collage to create particular and stunning images.

Portrait : Hervé-Clément Shema

Camera & editing : David Baatzsch

Scenography : Junior Kélé & Justcallmevini

Mixing & Music : Antoine Pulinckx

Camera & editing: David Baatzsch
Camera: Vini
Sound, scenography & subtitles : Marü Ō Shün
Mixing and music: Antoine Pulinckx