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Sound engineer & producer

Specialized in mixing, mastering and music production, I’m a sound engineer graduated from IAD, Louvain-La-Neuve

With many years devoted to electronic music composition on Ableton Live and rocked by glitch hop and drum & bass, I have developed a style of my own, mixing organic sounds with digital synthesizer sound design. The research and complexity of those sounds is what truly drives me.

Also a guitarist and singer, I’m always ready to coach artists to reach their full potential.

“Pace” on Soundcloud


Beatmaker & song-writer

Guitarist and singer who has experienced the Jazz Studio in Antwerp, Junior is self-taught in electronic production, mixing sampling and beatmaking in his various projects.

His musical project Saudade, as well as his alias Madcurse, allow him to mix organic and electronic sounds that create a strong identity.

His style, inspired by multiple sound horizons, travels between the underground London, jazz and soul, and is ideal for modern and fresh productions.

“Saudade” on facebook


Videographer & photographer

I began my artistic journey as a musician, learning various instruments throughout the years, but soon found an interest for visual arts that lead me to technical studies in computer graphics, followed by a degree in graphic design at ESA Saint-Luc Brussels. I have since explored photography and videography through many different kinds of projects.

Favoring sobriety and eclecticism, I am essentially aiming for the balance between improvisation and rigor.

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